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Payroll/HR Service

Every firm that incorporates or grows beyond the ability of its founder/owner to do all the work themselves at some point has employees.  With that comes the need for complying with the myriad of employee-based payroll and human resources rules.


We address compliance questions relative not only to State and Federal labor codes, but also ADA, EEOC, HIPIC, OSHA and similar sets of regulations. With expert counsel and advice in the areas of Payroll and Human Resources such as that offered by our firm, employers can focus on their business rather than risking fines and other problems.


Payroll Services


Fast, efficient and trouble-free. These words describe our confidential, cost-effective Complete Payroll Service. It is designed to eliminate the tedious chore of payroll processing in your office while giving you a degree of flexibility and personal attention not attainable by large, impersonal payroll processors. It is a natural extension of our financial reporting services for small business.


 Our Complete Payroll Service


·        Produces professional, computer-generated checks for your employees and all related tax agencies as well as other related payments.  


·        Gives access to a wide variety of available payroll reports and analyses.   


·        Includes preparation of all payroll quarterly 941's and state unemployment reports, federal and state tax deposits, federal unemployment report, and W-2's.   


·        Also includes filing of required new hire reports and monitoring of IRS/INS compliance rules on new employees.


·        Includes optional ACH electronic transfer of payroll taxes and other agent monies as well as optional direct deposit of employee checks to designated bank accounts with written confirmation to the employee.


With our Complete Payroll Service, payroll is no longer a tedious process. It is a smooth function of your business! Allow us to help you have peace of mind and make more profitable use of your business day by assisting with this critical but time-consuming task.


  • Human Resources


    Our combined background in regulatory compliance and financial services enables us to help with questions in areas such as the following:


    Hiring process: Recruiting, how to handle applications, screening applicants, questions you can/can not ask during a job interview, proper way to conduct a job interview, creating job description/ legally writing job descriptions.


    Dealing with employees: Communicating work rules, proper handling of employee records (what you must include and what should not be included in personnel files, who can and can not view employee records, garnishments, etc.


    New Hire evaluation: Physical exams, drug testing, checking arrest records, researching criminal records, investigating credit, checking prior job and personal references what are the do's and don'ts.


    Termination procedures: Legal restriction on firing, proper termination procedures, handling resignations, whether prompted or voluntary, how to handle economic layoffs, severance agreements.


    Employee Manuals: Drafting and composition of company personnel manuals, including company labor and promotion policies, job descriptions, evaluation rules and similar topics.


    Employee Benefit Programs: Employee wage deferral programs for medical expense and childcare, employee education programs, qualified retirement programs, reimbursement policy composition and administration are but some of the areas we can help.


    Tip Income Issues: Government mandated allocated tip and related TRAC programs affect the food services and certain other industries. We have programs to educate both employers and employees in this critical area.


    Employer vs. Independent Contactor Issues:  The classification of a person as an employee as an independent contractor is not just up to the parties involved.  Some relationships are statutorily employer/employee relationships, enforced by State and/or Federal agencies, while others are subjective according to criteria set by the IRS.  We can help you be sure you are not in potential trouble with regulatory authorities.


    Regulatory Compliance: Equal employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Occupational Safety Health Act (OSHA), and Environmental Protection Act (EPA) regulations are the major, but not all-inclusive, concerns that businesses today must face.  We have access to the pertinent rules and can help you be sure you are in compliance.  Our efforts in this area begin with our REG-Guard Reports but extend to specific programs tailored to our client's size and needs.


    It should be noted that the above requirements are scalable - some apply to all employers, others do not come into play until certain employment levels are reached.  We can help you assure that you are ready and in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

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