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...the backbone of our business services program.

We offer business services clients counseling at three levels:

  • Informational Reports
  • Financial Statement Commentary 
  • Special Analysis and Services  in five critical areas

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Informational Reports

All SGV Tax and Business Services clients have access to our online libraries of reports intended for small business owners (Strategies for Success and REG-Guard). Report libraries for our other service areas are available also. Click here to see a samples of our on-line reports.

Financial Statement Commentary

It is our practice to offer basic oversight commentaries on the financial statements we produce for our business services clients.  These are frequently accompanied by a hard copy version of one of our on-line reports. These commentaries are designed to point our business services clients in directions affecting the profitability of their businesses. Click here to see a sample commentary.

Special Analysis and Services

Depending on need, special support in five critical areas -- in addition to write-up and payroll -- is available when you need it and is as close as your phone.

Financial Statement Analysis and Planning --  We will assist in the interpretation of your financial records and reports to help improve your profitability. We will help you analyze your expenses to control unnecessary outflow and possibly suggest new procedures or programs to uncover additional opportunities. If needed we will help you develop a mission statement and business plan. Our analytical and planning services will help you manage your business more efficiently and productively. Click here to see a sample analytical report.

Capital Financing -- We cooperate fully with the Small Business Administration's Services educational programs.  We can assist with SBA loan packaging as well as other sources of business financing.  More importantly, we work with you to make sure your credit ratings and business plans will meet the standards needed for optimal use of such plans. We maintain an on-line schedule of upcoming SBA and other government agency sponsored meetings. Click here to see the current schedule.

Operational Issues -- Wise and profitable business decisions require targeted efforts to produce relevant information.  Whether it is a matter of employee productivity, inventory mix, reducing shrinkage or scores of other topics (many specific to a particular industry) we have access to resources that could possibly help beyond just the numbers found in financial statements.  And if we don't have specific answers immediately at our fingertips, we have membership in three networks of experts to whom we can pose specific questions.   Click here to view some sample case studies

Regulatory Issues -- OSHA, ADA, HIPIC, EEOC, MSDS, PBGC, BOE, EDD, EPA and other acronyms all equal one thing - realities with which the modern business owner must deal. Fortunately we can help so that business owners can concentrate on their own business.  We have expertise and checklists on an industry specific basis that supplement our informational Strategies for Success and REG-Guard reports. Click here for sample checklists.

Marketing Issues -- Every business needs a marketing program to bring in new clients, cement existing relationships, and develop new business with established customers.  All the cost control in the world doesn't help when insufficient sales are the problem.  We have to market to survive and grow in our own business, and we're more than happy to share our experiance with our clients.  The technical term is a Local Marketing System (LMS).  Click here to see some sample plans. 

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